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Frequently Asked Questions


What counties/ jurisdictions is REALESTATETAXMASTER.COM now accepting Evaluations and processing appeals?

How long does it take to complete my Property Tax Assessment Evaluation?

Why should I be concerned about a reassessment of my property?

Do I have to appeal every year?

Does it make sense to get a property appraisal?

How much do appraisals cost?

Can my taxes go up as a result of protesting and appealing my tax assessments?

Is it possible that my property tax bill may increase despite the fact that I file an appeal and win my tax appeal?

Will the County send me a refund of my tax savings?

I won my tax appeal thru the efforts of REALESTATETAXMASTER.COM’s attorney,, when will I be billed the percentage of 25% of my tax savings? Will this happen before or after I receive my actual tax bill?

What is the difference between a protest and a tax appeal?

Do I need to go to a court or meet with taxing authorities?

Does filing an appeal entitle me to a refund?

Do I pay any court costs?

If my tax appeal is filed at the assessor or township appraiser level and receives a negative result, do I have any chance to seek a review of my assessment with another agency?

What type of property appeals is the Real Estate Tax Master equipped to process?

Are there any types of property tax appeals that the Real Estate Tax Master is not equipped to process?


What is the Property Tax Appeal Center?

If I am having technical trouble with the site who do I contact?

If I have a legal question who do I contact?

I need to apply for a homestead exemption, do you process Exemptions?

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