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market-reportMarket Analysis Report

Search Comprehensive & Current Sale Data of property sold in your market –
Compare the property you are searching with up to twenty similar properties. Obtain information related to location, address, last and prior sale prices and dates, mortgage information, property characteristic data and more.

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Latest Deed (Latest Transfer Document)

last-deedLast deed recorded in the chain of title.  Instantly locate and order last transfer.

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Latest Mortgage (Financial Document)

last-morgageLast financial doc recorded in the chain of title.  Instantly locate and order last finance, document images

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Lien Search

lienIncludes All Voluntary liens, Mortgages, Tax Liens, Judgments, etc.- View historical transactions on a property including party names and recording dates of transfers, finances, releases, assignments, foreclosures and more- going back more than a decade in most counties. Some counties do not permit publication of involuntary liens, thus search doesn’t include all involuntary liens.

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title-searchTitle Search – Transaction History

Title Transaction History – Transaction data includes information such as sale recording date, recorded document number and type, grantor and grantee names along with the mortgage type and loan amount.

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Property Information Report

Describes all features of Property based on Government and Private sources- Relevant property information is organized into categories and includes owner information, location and property characteristics, tax information including assessed amounts, parcel number.

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fraudFraud Abatement Tool

A fast, accurate resource that delivers a property’s legal description, owner vesting, and transaction history, with abbreviated tax information and details of the original purchase mortgage. Obtain the abbreviated legal description, confirm property location, and mortgage information. Establish vesting and identify parties to a property’s title. Verify property ownership before opening a mortgage transaction and uncover potential fraud.

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Assessor Map

liensArial View of Your Property’s lot Document images of map includes view of surrounding parcels in subdivision identified by their parcel identification numbers.

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