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Real Estate Tax Master is designed to perform an evaluation of your tax assessments periods. This evaluation is risk free because you do not risk any increase in your tax assessment, all information you provide is kept confidential and NOT delivered to governmental authorities nor shared with any third party. Your evaluation by Real Estate Tax Master will help you:

  • Learn about your assessment;
  • Determine whether your property is over-assessed and
  • Discover whether your property qualifies, based on Tax Master’s proprietary criteria for a successful tax assessment reduction.
  • Get detailed Analytic Report at conclusion of Real Estate Tax Master’s Evaluation.
  • Access the Property Tax Appeal Center, a digital collaborative portal for you and your tax representative.

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By clicking the Start Evaluation buttons below, you will be asked to create your account and register your property. Then, you will be walked through a series of analysis in order to determine whether your property has been over-assessed by your tax assessment authority, known as the Assessor or County Appraiser. In applying criteria that is proprietary to Real Estate Tax Master, at the conclusion of your evaluation Real Estate Tax Master will give you:

A thumbs-up    RETM Thumbs Up or a thumbs down.RETM Thumbs Down

A thumbs-up signifies that your property is ripe for an appeal. You will then be given access to the Property Tax Appeal Center and an opportunity to authorize processing and filing your property tax appeal documents with a tax representative.

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The Real Estate Tax Master analyzes the following property types:

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Cook County Taxpayers…..

Have you received a notice of reassessment from the Cook County Tax Assessor or opened your Cook County Assessor tax bill and just about had a heart attack? Fortunately, the Illinois State Constitution has some protective measures in place that allow you to proceed with a Cook County Tax Appeal where you are afforded an opportunity to seek a lower property tax assessment. Real Estate Tax Master’s Property Tax Assessment tool called an RETM Evaluation can undoubtedly help you discover whether your property deserves a Cook County tax reduction and the basis for that reduction. Taxpayers commonly misconceive that a high tax bill is an unjust tax bill. This is not so under the Illinois Constitution. Just because your tax bill is higher than the prior year doesn’t necessarily mean the property is over‐assessed under the law. It is unfortunate that so many taxpayers file appeals under this misapprehension and their appeal gets denied or worse they unwittingly give incriminating info to the government that leaves them worst off. As you can see on our resources page, there exists multiple factors that make up your tax bill. An RETM Evaluation will target and spot the factors that affect your assessment. These optics are given to you in a detailed report with thumbs up and are reviewed by the experts to help them better prepare your appeal for success.

RETM has created a digital collaborative platform that functions as a Cook County property tax portal allowing taxpayers and the experts hired by the taxpayer, including a valuation expert known as an appraiser, a property tax appeal attorney or tax analyst to share files and other invaluable resources in order to produce the best outcome for the taxpayer.

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