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Real Estate Appraisers are very important to the property tax appeal process. Your tax bill is supposeto be based on the fair market value of your real estate. In the tax appeal process an appraisal is often used as evidence to support the value of real estate. If your property is located din a township that has been re-assessed, it’s in your best interest to verify the current value of your property.
If you are curious as to the value of your property in order to determine whether it is worth the money and effort of hiring an attorney Real Estate Tax Master.Com can provide you with a preliminary value. Simply order a market analysis on our website. It is important however to engage an appraiser where your appeal is based upon an objection to the government’s assigned value of your property. You can submit your appraisal by uploading it at your user control panel after you sign in.
The Real Estate Tax Masters Appeal Center allows you to choose your own family friendly appraiser or to utilize an appraiser from our pre-screened list.
Below is a directory of appraisers whom you may choose to appraise your real estate. A short biography is uploaded.

Appraiser Information

PahRoo Appraisal & Consultancy

Reginald Mighty

OBrien Appraisal Services

Chicago Commercial Appraisal Group

McCarthy & Abrams LLC

RVG Commercial

V.A. Solano & Associates, Inc.

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