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Have you performed a Real Estate Tax Master Evaluation and did you get a thumbs-up?
If you received a thumbs-up on your property evaluation, you may be thinking what’s next.
Don’t waste anymore time thinking about it, there are strict government deadlines and preparation that must take place for a timely filing of your tax appeal.  Once you authorize an appeal Real Estate Tax Master will send your evaluation to one of our participating attorneys or when appropriate, a Tax Professional in order to fight for your tax relief.

Fees & Costs

You pay no fee, unless you win.

  • When Real Estate Tax Master’s professionals produce tax savings for your property, you pay 25% of the amount of tax savings. This means for every $100 you save in property taxes, you will be charged $25.00.
  • Government Agency Filing Charges may apply. Click here to see if your County charges  for filing a tax appeal.
  • Please Note:  Your tax bill payments must be current in order to be eligible for filing an appeal.

PTAX_APPEALHow Long Does it Take?

See below your county government processing time.

There is a short window of time to protest your property tax assessments. Depending on the laws established in your state, your county government is required to

1. Mail or publicize notices of proposed tax assessments and
2. Give taxpayers a specific window of time to file objections to proposed assessments.

See our video on the tax appeal process.
As a member of Real Estate Tax Master all Dates and Deadlines are made known to you through an RETM Tax Watch subscription. Click here to subscribe. Don’t forget to enroll each of your properties in order to receive updates for each location.
How easy is It to get thru the process?  Your appeal must also be supported by documentation and evidence to support your position. RETM provides digital platform called the Property Tax Appeal Center which allows the capacity for you to interact and collaborate with the professionals in order to make the best presentation possible for the reduction of your assessments.
From within the platform and our instant messaging technology, your tax representative will keeps you informed at every stage of your appeal and you will be notified of your tax savings when your representative is victorious at obtaining a reduction in the tax assessments of your property.

Take the fear out of opening your tax bill. Sign-up, enroll your property, complete an Evaluation, and if you get a thumbs up, then authorize an appeal. Its that simple.


Processing Times

Cook County, Illinois




Cook County Taxpayers…..

In the process of a Cook County property tax appeal, the opinions of experts are vital to the success of an appeal. We give the experts the data they need to make your appeal a success, including access to your Real Estate Tax Master Analytic Evaluation and Real estate records Cook County. When you are tired of the indentures created in your life by your property tax bill, remember the Illinois Constitution provides a process for you to seek some relief. Turn to Real Estate Tax Master as an invaluable tool to determine what grounds for relief are available for your property and for your property tax appeal Cook County.

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